Good Morning!

In Good Morning, you play as a Poltergeist who loves to disrupt Mike and Brenda Morning Routine by moving objects around the house. Swaping a simple tooth brush for a banana or go the extra mile and replacing the alarm clock by a cactus, you will have lots of options to achieve your goal: Make Mike and Brenda go totally nuts!

Good Morning! was developed during 2016's Global Game Jam.

The game operate in two steps: the morning, in which you observe the two characters in their daily morning routine, and the night, during which you can swap objects around the apartment. The character while gradually grow angrier as they use the items incorectly, the goal being to render them completely mad.

My first jam project. Many management mistakes were made.

Release: December 2015
Platforms: Windows
Team: 1 programmer, 2 game designer, 2 graphic artist, 1 sound designer
Developement Time: 48 hours
Software: Unity