Patate² is a fighting party game where each player as an impact on how the game plays. They can during the game select their skill, environmental hazard, and new objectives.

When a player win an objective, he gets a crown. The goal being to be the player with most crowns at the end of the timer.

  • Skills to use:
    • Stomp
    • Dash
    • Force field
    • Jetpack
  • Objectives to complete:
    • Ejecting each others
    • Collecting coins
    • Grabing flags
    • Staying in a zone
    • Players takes turn as a giant
  • Hazards to avoid:
    • Map getting smaller
    • A hole in the middle of the arena
    • Regular electrical zaps
    • Icy (and slippery) floor

Team: 1 programmers, 4 game designers
Release: October 2016
Platforms: Windows
Developement Time: 4 weeks
Software: Unity