Thoth icon. An eye in a spiral. Thoth icon. An eye in a spiral.

Thoth is a game engine created by a team of 20 programmers during a span of 5 months, with an associated editor.

The goal was to create a fully fonctional engine similar to Unity Engine, with a game entierly created and built via the editor.

Can be summarized to one word: failure.

Even so, the project was still quite interesting. I learned a lot in project planning, and the implemented features were still interesting tasks.

My duty mainly stood on the rendering part of Thoth. I implemented 3D model loading (obj/fbx), squeletal meshes, participated in the developpement of the render pipeline...

Team: 20 programmers
Release: June 2016
Platforms: Windows
Developement Time: 12 weeks
Libraries: OpenGL, Glew, Autodesk FBX SDK, TinyObj, Stb Image, Nvidia PhysX, Boost, SDL, Qt